Coupon API change log

Here is a list of all updates to the Coupon API:

version 3.2.9
– Added ShopTransactionReport report name to GetReport

version 3.2.8
– Language is now optional parameter for IssueRequest and GetContent

version 3.2.7
– Replaced X-Liquid-Date header with X-Liquid-Timestamp header to be in line with the other specifications. The X-Liquid-Date header
is now deprecated (but will work for until the next major revision)

version 3.2.6
– Specified standard report format for GetReport (csv)

version 3.2.4
– Changed all signature calculations to SHA-2 256 variant (MD5/SHA-1 will continue to work for a time period)

version 3.2.3
– Added better error response codes
– Changed GetReports logic to initiate a report to be generated when not found
– Removed Yearly as an option when getting reports

version 3.2.1
– Added e-mail as user reference option to IssueRequest function

version 3.2.0
– Added GetContent function, allowing to get coupons, surveys and games
– Deprecated GetCoupon as GetContent replaces the function

version 3.1.0
– Added the functionality to issue content based on what has been purchased in the virtual shop in the app

version 3.0.6
– Clarification that all implementations towards this API should be server-to-server.
– Added requirement that all implementation should implement mechanisms to prevent spamming and allowing 3rd party ‘infinite coupon generators’