Customized URLs

Customers with Fast track campaigns and Fast track loyalty programs can present customers with their own URL instead of URL.

Customized URLs allow you to present customers with your own URL instead of Liquid Barcodes generic URLs. This increases coherence between message (your content) and messenger (the url). This improves brand experience and reduces fear that your content is fraudulent.

This page describes how to set up Customized URLs for your customer program.




Buy the domain you want to use. Ideally your domain provider should support www-redirects. Unfortunately there is no one common detailed instruction that would match for all domain providers. We recommend and provide some examples for configuring with that provider below. If you choose another provider you will have to be able to set up a CNAME DNS record and optionally a web-redirect. This is very common functionality so you should be okay almost no matter which provider you choose.




If the main domain ( will be used it’s often preferable to make sure that addresses entered both with and without the www.-prefix works. The recommended way is to set it up a web-redirect from to and use then configure the www sub-domain to point to us as mentioned next. If your provider asks what kind of redirect it should do, permanent or temporary, we recommend you select temporary at least until you have finished testing that everything works. The reason is that permanent redirects are heavily cached by browsers, so it becomes hard to test if any adjustments are needed.

Example configuration of a www-redirect for the domain using Domainnameshop:




Configure your domain’s DNS to point the needed sub-domain(s) to our proxy. Note that the main domain ( usually cannot be a CNAME record, for that use it’s recommended to set up a web-redirect as suggested above.   CNAME

Example configuration of the DNS CNAME record for the sub-domain using Domainnameshop:

Typically you will need to help us confirm domain ownership for a HTTPS certificate. This is just another CNAME record to add, in the exact same way as above. The values are random every for every verification, so we’ll send you what you need to add.