Dashboard roles and permissions


By default, reports from Liquid Barcodes dashboard only provide pseudonymized data. It is possible to obtain reports with direct identifiers such as phone number or email.

With reference to GDPR consumer data such as members´ mobile number / name/ date of birth of users etc is only available for the data controller in encrypted form. The data is available to the data controller in encrypted form which only the data controller´s designated personell can decrypt.

In order to access consumer data the data controller need to use a PGP tool (available free of cost online) for purpose of decryption. The data controller is required to generate two keys – Private and Public. Public key needs to be given to Liquid Barcodes. The data controller´s personell with the required access (role) can download reports and use the private key to decrypt the reports.

Step 1: generate the public key

Step 2: share public key with Liquid Barcodes so that it can be implemented at our end.

Step 3: communicate to Liquid Barcodes the specific user (e-mail address) who needs to have rights for downloading the reports containing member data.