Select prize

This is an example select prize – customer can choose Smoothie or Juice. Customer selects Smoothie and gets 50% off coupon:

The prize can be a wide range of rewards, eg. send a coupon,  game or survey, give loyalty card stamp(s), top up points balance or gift card.




Folder with example images.

Photoshop file with templates. The fastest way to create graphics.




All images are required and both PNG or JPG image formats are supported, unless noted otherwise:


Introduction640App: Image coupon

SMS preview: 640
Click to open select prize screen.
Background image640950
Prize icon600600Transparent PNGs.

One icon per prize.

OBS: Product images make great prize icons and reduce graphics workload!

It is recommended that the icons clearly communicate the deal the user gets.
Choose prize top image600300Transparent PNG.

Shown on top of select prize page.
End page top image600300Transparent PNG.

Image shown at the top of end screen.

Prize icon is shown below this image
Thumb imageApp onlyApp specificApp specific


For apps, image sizes are app specific.