Manual redemption – Self-val coupon

This is an example Manual redemption – Self-val coupon:




Photoshop file with templates. The fastest way to create graphics.

Folder with example images.




Here is a list of the required images for creating a Manual redemption – Self-val coupon campaign:


Coupon image640App: Coupon top image

SMS preview: 670
Coupon before use. Click to redeem coupon.

Make sure to clearly communicate:

  • Product(s)

  • The offer

  • Press to redeem. Employees only.
Image shown after successful validation640850Coupon image after activation. Instructions to the employee, eg.:

  • Discount trigger / PLU code

  • Static scannable barcode representing the discount trigger / PLU code

  • Written instruction

Liquid Barcodes adds a verfiication code below the image.
Image shown on depleted code600920Expired coupon. Coupon has been used.
Thumb / Preview imageApp specific

SMS preview: 640
App specific

SMS preview: 640
Optional. Default is coupon image before use. App image sizes are app specific


For apps, image sizes are app specific.