Do you have test credentials I can use for testing my integration towards your system?

Yes, please contact us and we will send you credentials by e-mail.


Is every coupon unique?

Yes, every coupon we issue is unique to ensure high security at the till, individual follow up and detailed statistics.


Where do I see campaign statistics?

In Liquid Barcodes’ dashboard, you can see live statistics and download detailed validation reports for your own further analysis.


Can I link directly from my app or banner to your APIs?

NO! For security reasons, all calls to Liquid Barcodes APIs must be made server to server.


What coupon barcode formats do you support?

We prefer DataMatrix, but we also support QR and EAN13. Please get in touch if you do not want to use DataMatrix.


I have integrated towards one of your APIs, but I get wrong signature error message?

Usually, this is caused by a problem with the signature calculation. Please download the signature calculation tool to verify you have the correct signature. If the problem persists, please contact us.