The purpose of Liquid Barcodes Point Of Sale (POS) Integration is to ensure that shoppers can use coupons in store and earn rewards in a quick and customer friendly way.

Benefits of using this service

Liquid Barcodes Applicator service POS Integration is easy to integrate for POS vendor and supports multiple user friendly customer journeys in store.

The Applicator service is easy for POS vendors because the member discount calculation is performed by Liquid Barcodes. The POS needs only to send the transaction information to Liquid Barcodes. Liquid Barcodes will recalculate the transaction amount based on the member profile and reply real time to the POS.

Core flow

Get the full overview

Watch video below to get a high level overview of the applicator service.



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In addition to the core flow, the service supports multiple optional features.

Decide if you want to include one or multiple of our optional features in your integration.


Doesn't this integration method suit your POS architecture?

Liquid Barcodes also has multiple Alternative integration methods.